Weed Spraying

Hoot’s Lawn Care has a licensed applicator that can identify what weeds are present and eliminate them. We use selective herbicides to target only the weeds without damaging your lawn.

Hard to control weeds such as Nutsedge or Dallisgrass can be controlled with the correct product. Hoot can get rid of these weeds with proper timing and with 2-3 applications. Hoot’s Lawn Care guarantees the elimination for one season.

Nutsedge is a warm season weed that spreads by underground runners (rhizomes) and can be a part of many other nutsedge plants. The best way to eliminate this weed is by using a slow-action herbicide. This way the plant can take in the product through its leaves and move it down through the root system and to all of the rhizomes.

Broadleaf weeds are also controlled with our selective products. Hoot can effectively rid your lawn of Henbit, Chickweed, Clover, Dandelion, and other broadleaf weeds.